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Here are all of the characters in my webcomic, Rejuvinate! If someone is missing, I am most likely working on a reference for them.

Design note: Their Mohawk goes down to where the tail starts, on both forms. The Star Knight just tucks it away.

Matcha is our main character, but they are better known as The Star Knight. They use that "persona" to fight against Champagne's kingdom, because they tend to kill entire planets for trophies and power. Matcha is an engineer, and has built their armor and ship out of a mix of scraps, and external materials they buy when they have the money. For a living, when they're not The Star Knight, they do engineering commissions, mostly for little things. They're very into bottony, but living in their ship makes working with plants a bit difficult, so they substitute by reading about different plants from different planets, depending on where they are. They also have a thing for taking care of animals, and sometimes more sentient beings.

First starting out in their human form, they found it hard to walk without a tail, so they ended up stealing some whip components from Champagne to gain their balance back, and also out of spite. That's mainly why Champagne has a grudge against them, and they became best nemesis's since.

Their horn can be used to charge the crystal core in both their armor, and their ship, heal almost any living thing, and to grow plants.

Java and Matcha work together as vigilantes, as well as to protect Soda, because he is so precious. Java reserves herself to maintain her temper, since she has caused a lot of hurt because of it. She can change her size at will, so she can get as big as a planet or even a solar system, and as small as a slug.

Her and Matcha are roommates on Matcha's ship, but they had to make some changes to make it work. They also adopted Soda as his parental figures, but it's not really a romantic relationship, more like they're partners in crime.

Java is also a victim of poaching and decided to help Matcha with attempting to take down Champagne's kingdom once and for all.

Her kind is endangered, but not extinct, and doesn't come from any planet, rather, their natural habitat is the vastness of space itself. Due to constant poaching though, they have evolved to have an extra set of ears, to be able to sense very subtle vibrations, as well as sharper talons to fight off threats.

Soda Ref.jpg

Soda comes from a planet that has 85% water (way more than Earth, which has only 70%). He's not the smartest critter out there, but his species is capable of complex emotion.

He lives mostly underwater, but he can breathe outside of it as long as he stays moist. If not, he'll shrivel up and dry out. While Matcha was figuring out Java's living area on their ship, they set him up with a tank to keep him comfy.

Unfortunately, his planet has been hit hard by Champagne's mass production antics, and the Sluggo population has taken a hit, so Soda's dealing with loss for the first time. Matcha and Java are there to help him through it, but he needs to feel his emotions before bottling them up.

Champagne is our main villain, being the Queen of such a destructive kingdom. Because of her orders, entire planets have died, to supposedly grow her empire.

She is basically a doctor, specializing in creating medicine, and antivenom. She's also very knowledgeable about poison, and can taste when she's the target of an assassination attempt. 

On top of being academically smart, she is also pretty skilled in combat. Her fighting style includes scratching, biting, kicking, and the use of a whip made of magnetic chain, for mid-distance stuff. She has them made by her own personal weaponsmith, but her first one got stolen by The Star Knight, and she still hasn't forgiven them for that.

Her parents got sick, oddly enough, and passed away, leaving everything up to Champagne, who wasn't ready to take the throne. She's not necessarily a bad person, she just has no idea what she's doing, and makes really bad decisions. 



Here are all of the species sheets that I have ready!



Sluggos are a semi-open species by yours truly, which means you can make your own sluggo design, or buy more rare ones!

They come from a planet made up of mostly water, and have an extremely wide variety of different shapes and colours. They live in small tribes of 3-11, and have no real government. They grow to around 30 earth years old, and only get to about the mentality of a 16-year-old.

General Info:

  • Cap and back piece are separate from each ⁣other, and are both connected as skin to ⁣them⁣

  • No eyes, "noses" or Rhinophores are used to ⁣see, pick up vibration, and are very sensitive

  • They have both gills and lungs, and can ⁣live on both land and underwater (as long ⁣as they're kept moist)⁣

    • "Tails" are actually their gills

    • The "tailless" or gill-less variant live ⁣primarily on land, and hunt in fresh water. ⁣They adapted to hold their breaths for ⁣long periods of time⁣

  • Translucent and Bioluminescent variants live ⁣deeper in the ocean, and are sensitive to ⁣sunlight.⁣

    • They still have lungs, but they're weaker ⁣than average⁣

  • Teeth are shaped based on their diets⁣

  • Colouration can be dependent on their diet, ⁣venomousness, or display⁣

    • Most are carnivorous, or omnivorous, but ⁣a few are herbivorous (usually frilled)⁣

  • Some are venomous, and some are just ⁣brightly colored to scare off predators⁣

More Coming Soon

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